we comprehensively implement installations

We design, manufacture and service sanitary, fire protection, electrical, low-voltage, teletechnical, solar panel and external networks. In our work we guarantee the highest quality of services, we carry out the assigned tasks according to the agreed schedule and budget.

We are distinguished by broad competence and great flexibility at every stage of the investment process, which allows us to efficiently and continuously adapt to the current needs of investors.

We focus on modern and safe technologies and environmentally friendly solutions. We use methods that give us a competitive advantage. We carry out specialized investments on behalf of well-known brands with international reach.


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Sanitary, plumbing, technological installations, mechanical ventilation, air conditioning systems.

external networks

Fabrication, supply, installation
of above and below ground networks and tanks.


Sprinklers, hydrants, gas extinguishing systems, foam extinguishing systems.

and low voltage

Transformer stations, power distribution, lighting, cable routes. SSP, LAN, CCTV, KD, SSWiN, BMS.

solar panel

Solar panel and stand-alone off-grid installations with energy storage.

Our offer is complete. From start to finish, we actively participate in the investment process. Our company is formed by teams of competent professionals. We are a reliable partner in business.

we provide support

we advise

Responding to the needs of investors, we perform multidimensional financial analyses. We prepare adequate price offers on the basis of design concepts developed by us, which are created on the basis of guidelines provided by principals. We deal with the creation of full project documentation. We guarantee assistance in completing all administrative formalities. Zapewniamy konsulting i wsparcie na każdym etapie realizowanego projektu.

Marcin Karaś

Proposal Team Manager

Katarzyna Kolman

Purchasing Manager

Łukasz Maćkowiak

Sales Director

we design

Our team of designers are engineers with many years of experience working on the largest investments in the country and abroad. We carry out installation designs for facilities for office, hotel, industrial, logistics and sports halls.

We have developed design standards that allow efficient implementation of installations, while maintaining the perfect balance between time and cost. The installations we design meet the highest standards of LEED and BREEAM environmental certification. We implement projects using BIM technology, benefiting all participants in the investment process throughout the life cycle of the facility.

Our designers support executive teams in coordination and author's supervision on construction sites, and provide expert technical advice on all tasks.

Katarzyna Boruch

Sanitary Installation Designer | BIM Manager

Michał Cygan

Electrical Installation Designer | BIM Coordinator

we make

We take full responsibility for the investment and implementation process and guarantee the highest standards of cooperation at every stage. We pay great attention to safety. We accompany our investors from the beginning of construction, until its completion. We make sure that the execution process is carried out in accordance with applicable regulations and technical conditions, and the installations are made with the utmost care, in accordance with the project, schedule and cost estimate.

Jakub Golonka

Sanitary Installation Deputy Director

Katarzyna Karbowa

Electrical Installation Execution Director

Grzegorz Sypko

Deputy Director of Electrical Installation Execution

Michał Feier

Sanitary Installation Execution Director / Board Member

Bartosz Pytka

Director of Production Preparation

we service

We provide warranty and post-warranty service, programming and commissioning of new installations and inspections. We service indoor and outdoor installations: sanitary, electrical and low voltage, fire protection, solar panel. We take an individual approach to servicing each investment. We service facilities: residential, office, logistics, warehouse, retail, service and industrial.

Krzysztof Mazurkiewicz

Service Director

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